Acrylic Pours

A bit more traditional than my usual art, acrylics mixed with water, glue, and silicone on canvas torched with a heat gun.

Blood in Waves

Blood in Waves 000

Reef Drop-off

Reef Drop-off 001

Cracks in Clay

Cracks in Clay 002

Water on Jupiter

Water on Jupiter 003

Water on Jupiter

Metal on Mars 004

Emergent Generative Art

Autonomously generated entities that are observed to have qualities in a group that they do not have on their own.

000 Constellations

Moving stars, circles, on a canvas that attach to nearby stars, with a line, to generate constellations. Line opacity is based on star distance.

See the Code

001 Retro Stars

Multiple parallax planes of stars that shift based on cursor position. Inspired by the retro art style of Celeste.

See the Code

002 Synthwave

I just like Synthwave stuff, a work in progress.

See the Code